j_i_m_r (j_i_m_r) wrote,

Wednesday was a good day. I got two boat rides :-)
In the morning I went rowing. This was my check out with the rowing boss to make sure I can row on my own again. I'm good to go. Hurrah!!
It was a gorgeous morning. A seal surfaced a yard off my stern. There were kids on the Balclutha ... I think they'd had a sleep over. The sunlight as it was raising colored the top of the fog bank cotton candy pink. Yup, the best gym in town :-)
Then in the middle of the day I went on the annual boat trip for an industry group I belong to. We sailed out of Pier 39, around Alcatraz, over to Sausalito, out the gate and back to Pier 39. Not a productive day at work, but much fun.

Yesterday was himself's mumble mumble high school reunion. He had not been to any of the previous ones. I've never been to any of mine. He had a great time and I had a fun given that I was basically there as an accessory :-) It was in Old Town Sac and we stayed on the Delta King.

Today I pickled some baby artichokes, made chicken soup, made nectarine claflouti and caught up a bit with on-line things.
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