j_i_m_r (j_i_m_r) wrote,

Very lovely weekend with more fun to come.
Yesterday was the usual round at the farmers market and home to my sweetie's yummy cooking. Then I decorated the cake I'd frosted the night before for S&E's wedding. It was a lovely wedding. They seemed to go with a similar plan to the one we had 9 1/2 years ago ... throw a great party at which you happen to get married. The bride was, as she always is, glowing and beautiful. The groom had that gob-smacked happy look all day. Fun people. Great place. Yummy food. Most excellent.

This morning I went down to the boat house for a rowing clinic. It has been quite some time since I've actually gone out on the boats to row. I've been going to the boat house lately to use the gym, in preparation for getting back to the rowing. So, anyway, my instructors were pleased with how I got right back into the groove. I had a great time rowing out on the bay. There were lots of seals out. There were a couple of sail boat races going up the City front. Lots of swimmers and rowers around the club and in and out and on the water. A boat on the Bay is always one of my happy places.

Afterwards I was ravenous, having had very little for breakfast, so Himself and I rendezvoused at Leopold's. They are now doing brunch on the weekends. It is a marvelous thing. Yum yum yum.

While I was rowing, he was home mopping. Now he's out doing errands and I've just finished vacumning. Why yes, we are having guests to dinner, how could you tell? :-) L&O and Y&B will be here later for paella and tapas. The fun just keeps rolling along.
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