j_i_m_r (j_i_m_r) wrote,

HangTown Fry and Corn on the Cob for breakfast after the Ferry Building Farmers Market this morning. Yum yum. We also stopped to pick up a box of San Marzano tomatoes which will become sauce. After breakfast we went shopping. Then home and I did the last step, and then the bottling of the Vin de Noix. This is a French green walnut liquor. The last batch I made was in 2004 (for those in the party hut at the Culinary Symposium, that's the stuff I brought) and there is a small amount left. The old stuff is good and the new stuff is also quite tasty. I would give this new batch a bit of time to age before sampling it, but it should be good.

In addition to saucing the tomatoes, I need to harvest the lavender from the back yard and make some cheese now that my big pot is no longer full of Vin de Noix. I also have some sewing that I may even get to one of these days.

Yesterday work let out a bit early for the long weekend, so I went shopping. I went to check out a kitchen equipment store called Cookin. It is on Divisadero between Paige and Oak. They have all sorts of used kitchen and dining gadgets. It is one of those antique/junk stores that looks like a hoarder's home. Piles of treasures everywhere. It was wonderful. I didn't get anything, but there are several things that may tempt me back. I don't need any more over the fire wafer irons, but if any of you do, they have a whole bucket full. Tons of molds in various sizes, little kitchen implements, enameled cast iron, copper pots, cast iron of all shapes and sizes, dishes up the wazoo, etc. ... a cook's teasure trove.

After a stop for lunch I then bused a bit more around town and got my mom a scarf and one for me as well over in the Castro. Then on to poking in the shops in Noe Valley. Then home to my wonderful man and the tasty dinner he made ... or was it my tasty man and wonderful dinner? Either way, it works for me :-)
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