j_i_m_r (j_i_m_r) wrote,

Tasty dishes made this week ...

Fig Pizza.
Cover the pizza dough with a layer of carmelized onions.
Cut fresh figs in half and flatten with a knife.
Put figs on pizza.
Dot the pizza with fresh goat cheese.
Crumble duck fig sausage in a pan and cook it.
Scatter cooked sausage on pizza.
Salt and pepper.
Cook pizza.
Drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Yum yum

Shrimp, etc. wraps.
Put cilantro leaves, olive oil, salt, cayenne and cumin in the food processor and go zoom.
Dice tomatos and avacados.
Cook small pink shrimp.
Add shrimp and cilantro sauce to tomatos and avacados and toss together.
Wrap in flour tortillas. Yum yum
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