July 21st, 2012

Chicken Woman

Kitchen Puttering Day

* A stewing hen (laying hen that is done makin' eggs) stewed, then meat removed. Bones & skin back in the broth with various veggies and cook some more to make good broth. The chicken meat will be combined with a bit of broth, various veggies (many from our CSA), and topped with buttermilk biscuits. A hopefully tasty approximation of chicken pot pie for tonight. As for the broth, himself has plans involving garlic and hot peppers, yum yum.

* Cheeeeeese :-) I got more St. Benoit milk at the market this morning ... 9 lt. of low temp pastureized Jersey milk. We'll see how it comes out, I've got a new mold to add in with the culture and rennet.

* Ratatatatouille ... there were eggplants in the CSA and I'll be on a business trip next week, so I needed to cook them up so they could be stuck in the freezer.

* Cured sardines ... they've been decapitated, gutted and salted. Now they just wait for a day to finish.

* Fava goo ... blanch fresh favas and puree with olive oil and garlic. Himself need sandwich spread now that he needs to make lunches to take to work. Yes, full employment around here at last ... woo hoo :-)

* Cucmber salad to take to work for lunch for me.

I think that's it ... oh yes, butter milk oatmeal pancakes tomorrow for breakfast.

The kitchen downstairs is busy too as more sausages are being made.