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Kitchen Puttering Day

* A stewing hen (laying hen that is done makin' eggs) stewed, then meat removed. Bones & skin back in the broth with various veggies and cook some more to make good broth. The chicken meat will be combined with a bit of broth, various veggies (many from our CSA), and topped with buttermilk biscuits. A hopefully tasty approximation of chicken pot pie for tonight. As for the broth, himself has plans involving garlic and hot peppers, yum yum.

* Cheeeeeese :-) I got more St. Benoit milk at the market this morning ... 9 lt. of low temp pastureized Jersey milk. We'll see how it comes out, I've got a new mold to add in with the culture and rennet.

* Ratatatatouille ... there were eggplants in the CSA and I'll be on a business trip next week, so I needed to cook them up so they could be stuck in the freezer.

* Cured sardines ... they've been decapitated, gutted and salted. Now they just wait for a day to finish.

* Fava goo ... blanch fresh favas and puree with olive oil and garlic. Himself need sandwich spread now that he needs to make lunches to take to work. Yes, full employment around here at last ... woo hoo :-)

* Cucmber salad to take to work for lunch for me.

I think that's it ... oh yes, butter milk oatmeal pancakes tomorrow for breakfast.

The kitchen downstairs is busy too as more sausages are being made.

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Last week at the hospital I was talking to one of Mommy's nurses about the life she'd lead. The nurse was very good at English, but it was not her first language. She said it sounded link Mommy had been quite the adventuress. Himself and I giggled and explained to the nurse the difference between an adventurer and an adventuress.

This quote from the Palm Beach Story explains it well,
"Gerry: I may not even get married again. I might become an adventuress.
Tom: I can just see you starting for China on a twenty-six foot sail boat.
Gerry: You're thinking of an adventurer, dear. An adventuress never goes on anything under three hundred feet with a crew of eighty."

1938 to 2011

World Traveler
Winner of races
Sailor extraordinaire
Published author
Chorus singer
Political activist
Organizer of everything
Fashion plate
Fabulous cook
Wife, sister, aunt
Mommy :-(
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I have not been on FB or LJ for a few weeks. As some of you know, my mom has been in, out and back in the hospital. The end is likely in a few days. So, if I'm not up to date on what you've been up to, that's why. The Christmas cards may or may not go out this year, so if one doesn't come to you, please don't take offense. I am not likely to be on FB or LJ much for awhile yet. If you need to get in touch with me, please call or send me email directly rather than through FB or LJ.
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Slow roasted tomoatoes
16th c style candied damson plums (a period variety of plum)
Cheese #15

That's today's projects so far.

Need to work out recipes for my classes at EAS next week. I'll be playing with Katherine's German Ravioli recipes.

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Wednesday was a good day. I got two boat rides :-)
In the morning I went rowing. This was my check out with the rowing boss to make sure I can row on my own again. I'm good to go. Hurrah!!
It was a gorgeous morning. A seal surfaced a yard off my stern. There were kids on the Balclutha ... I think they'd had a sleep over. The sunlight as it was raising colored the top of the fog bank cotton candy pink. Yup, the best gym in town :-)
Then in the middle of the day I went on the annual boat trip for an industry group I belong to. We sailed out of Pier 39, around Alcatraz, over to Sausalito, out the gate and back to Pier 39. Not a productive day at work, but much fun.

Yesterday was himself's mumble mumble high school reunion. He had not been to any of the previous ones. I've never been to any of mine. He had a great time and I had a fun given that I was basically there as an accessory :-) It was in Old Town Sac and we stayed on the Delta King.

Today I pickled some baby artichokes, made chicken soup, made nectarine claflouti and caught up a bit with on-line things.

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Further adventures in cheesemaking today. This one is a mixture of raw cow milk, goat milk and sheep yogurt. I'm trying to make a gooey-er cheese than I've done before. I seem to have gotten pretty good at hard cheese, but soft ones still elude me. We'll see how this goes.

Further news on the 2012 Culinary Symposium is on LeftCoastFood if anyone wants to check. We've found a great site and now need to narrow down dates.
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Very lovely weekend with more fun to come.
Yesterday was the usual round at the farmers market and home to my sweetie's yummy cooking. Then I decorated the cake I'd frosted the night before for S&E's wedding. It was a lovely wedding. They seemed to go with a similar plan to the one we had 9 1/2 years ago ... throw a great party at which you happen to get married. The bride was, as she always is, glowing and beautiful. The groom had that gob-smacked happy look all day. Fun people. Great place. Yummy food. Most excellent.

This morning I went down to the boat house for a rowing clinic. It has been quite some time since I've actually gone out on the boats to row. I've been going to the boat house lately to use the gym, in preparation for getting back to the rowing. So, anyway, my instructors were pleased with how I got right back into the groove. I had a great time rowing out on the bay. There were lots of seals out. There were a couple of sail boat races going up the City front. Lots of swimmers and rowers around the club and in and out and on the water. A boat on the Bay is always one of my happy places.

Afterwards I was ravenous, having had very little for breakfast, so Himself and I rendezvoused at Leopold's. They are now doing brunch on the weekends. It is a marvelous thing. Yum yum yum.

While I was rowing, he was home mopping. Now he's out doing errands and I've just finished vacumning. Why yes, we are having guests to dinner, how could you tell? :-) L&O and Y&B will be here later for paella and tapas. The fun just keeps rolling along.
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HangTown Fry and Corn on the Cob for breakfast after the Ferry Building Farmers Market this morning. Yum yum. We also stopped to pick up a box of San Marzano tomatoes which will become sauce. After breakfast we went shopping. Then home and I did the last step, and then the bottling of the Vin de Noix. This is a French green walnut liquor. The last batch I made was in 2004 (for those in the party hut at the Culinary Symposium, that's the stuff I brought) and there is a small amount left. The old stuff is good and the new stuff is also quite tasty. I would give this new batch a bit of time to age before sampling it, but it should be good.

In addition to saucing the tomatoes, I need to harvest the lavender from the back yard and make some cheese now that my big pot is no longer full of Vin de Noix. I also have some sewing that I may even get to one of these days.

Yesterday work let out a bit early for the long weekend, so I went shopping. I went to check out a kitchen equipment store called Cookin. It is on Divisadero between Paige and Oak. They have all sorts of used kitchen and dining gadgets. It is one of those antique/junk stores that looks like a hoarder's home. Piles of treasures everywhere. It was wonderful. I didn't get anything, but there are several things that may tempt me back. I don't need any more over the fire wafer irons, but if any of you do, they have a whole bucket full. Tons of molds in various sizes, little kitchen implements, enameled cast iron, copper pots, cast iron of all shapes and sizes, dishes up the wazoo, etc. ... a cook's teasure trove.

After a stop for lunch I then bused a bit more around town and got my mom a scarf and one for me as well over in the Castro. Then on to poking in the shops in Noe Valley. Then home to my wonderful man and the tasty dinner he made ... or was it my tasty man and wonderful dinner? Either way, it works for me :-)
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Tasty dishes made this week ...

Fig Pizza.
Cover the pizza dough with a layer of carmelized onions.
Cut fresh figs in half and flatten with a knife.
Put figs on pizza.
Dot the pizza with fresh goat cheese.
Crumble duck fig sausage in a pan and cook it.
Scatter cooked sausage on pizza.
Salt and pepper.
Cook pizza.
Drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Yum yum

Shrimp, etc. wraps.
Put cilantro leaves, olive oil, salt, cayenne and cumin in the food processor and go zoom.
Dice tomatos and avacados.
Cook small pink shrimp.
Add shrimp and cilantro sauce to tomatos and avacados and toss together.
Wrap in flour tortillas. Yum yum